Samsung Wearable Technology Galaxy Gear 2 Neo SmartWatch Review

I was very skeptical about getting a smart watch as it’s the area of “unknown”. I’ve always warn a watch, of all sizes and different materials, leather, metal, fabric and my personal preference would be the metal stainless steel silver/chrome straps. But then, I got the Samsung GalaxyRead more…


Anti Fog Shower Shaving Mirror Review ☺ Best Steam Free Shaving Mirror

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One of the Best Fog Resistant & Steam Free Mirror for Shaving in Your Shower, Our Review Less Vs More OXO Strong Suction Shower Fogless Mirror review and Demonstartion . Razor burn is the worst part of shaving. Being able to shave in the shower is one of the many ways to reduce razor burn and give yourself a nice clean close shave. An Anti-fog mirror prevents condensation and steam from forming on the mirror surface allowing your view to stay clear and see yourself clearly. Having a shaving mirror that is not fogless, anti fog, or steam free makes it ext The anti-fog shower mirror is great it allows me to suction the mirror to the wall and see my whole face for my shave in the morning. These inexpensive mirrors are easy to move and easy to set up. Even though the anti-fog mirror is designed to be used in the bathroom it could also be used in various other conditions where it its steamy or humid and a mirror is required. There are many variations of these mirrors including versions that have LED lights on them to light up your face in the shower if you have a dark bathroom. Some anti-fog mirrors even have battery powered radios to allow you to listen to your morning news, talk show, or music while you’re showering. The mirror I have uses a suction cup to secure it in place others have adhesive strips for a more permanent placement. I prefer the suction cup because it is easy to move when you want to clean the tiles in your shower. These innovative mirrors come in all shapes and sizes and can be useful for anyone needing a mirror in a humid environment or shower. I really like having my small anti-fog mirror in my shower as it saves me several minutes in my morning routine as I can merge shaving and showering. Pros * Easy to set up. * Saves time by merging shower and shave. * Comes in many different styles. For more information on the Anti-Fog Mirror check out our article at: For some more information on Anti-fog you can check out these sites: Less VS More Inspired by: BuzzFeedVideo HowTubeExpert Doyours Interior bathroomremodelinfo

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